Bring a professor chat wrap-up

Sunday night was #collegejourn‘s first Bring a Professor chat and the turnout was amazing. Thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts and ideas. We were flooded with a continuous flow of participants all evening and we loved every second of it.

Below is the wrap-up of the questions the collegejourn panel posed to the participants during the chat and the prevailing ideas that were discussed. There were diverse thoughts from students, educators and professionals alike.

The following is a list of a few subtopics brought up for each question. If you want to go back and read the full transcript, it’s available here.

What’s the biggest issue facing journalism education?
  • Finding jobs
  • Relevancy
  • Adapting to new technology/tools
  • Surviving budget cuts – in California
  • Networking issues – no follow up from professors
  • Lack of innovation
  • Journalism isn’t diverse enough
  • Students need to learn more skills

How do we better use multimedia skills across the curriculum?

  • Engage outside the classroom
  • Create Web sites from scratch
  • Practice social networking together
  • Boot-camp method – learn by doing
  • Require blogs
  • Give people permission to make mistakes because in j-education now is the time for risks

What are we currently doing right in journalism education?
  • Encouraging experimentation
  • Conveying the imperative nature of journalism as a public good
  • Traditional skills are strong: news values, ethics, AP style
  • Getting real world experience through internships
  • Giving students the ability to try things on their own
  • Maintaining a strong emphasis on storytelling
  • Giving students latitude to experiment

What are good examples of cross-curriculum multimedia?

What are practical ways you can execute these ideas into your journalism programs?
  • Require journalism-related blog posts as reading assignments
  • Remove tenure
  • Teach writing for the web, hyperlinking as a form of journalism
  • Consume more journalism – students don’t read enough news
  • Build on, overhaul, extend and improve
  • Set up a WordPress Multi-User to blog
  • Education for j-professors must be constant, real and relevant
  • Stop using books to teach writing for the web; read what’s online
  • Require all journalism students to use Twitter

How can we improve collaboration among students, educators and professionals?
  • Bring more professionals into the classroom
  • Offer more internship opportunities
  • Online professional networking
  • Join industry groups like SND, ACES, SPJ, etc.
  • Twitter: Talk directly to people you’d never meet
  • Meet with local newspapers
  • Freedom to experiment and fail without repercussion

Should we improve collaboration among schools? If yes, how?
  • Twitter
  • Shared web tools/resources like CoPress
  • Collaborative projects
  • Bootcamps for journalism students
  • Sister classes at other universities
  • launched to distribute stories/work with others over election
  • Using tools like Publish2
  • Publish work under Creative Commons like
  • International picture: collaborate across the US and the world

How should entrepreneurship/business be incorporated into journalism education? What are examples of this being done?
  • Hire entrepreneurs/business executives as instructors
  • Incorporate media observations from individuals
  • Have a student-run publication
  • Teach students how to develop content and revenue from that content
  • Teach business, bookkeeping and macroeconomics
  • Related links

How do we take this back to the classroom?
  • Continue to collaborate on things with CICM
  • Network (real life and Twitter)
  • Brainstorm ideas for new journalism business models
  • Read entire transcript of this chat and apply it to classes
  • Explore local collaboration with other j-schools
  • Professors need to use Web 2.0 in a way that inspires students
  • Instead of bringing a guest lecturer, live stream guests from Web to classroom

Students what do you want to tell professors?
  • They’re doing a good job on fundamentals
  • What do they see the future of the news business as?
  • That there’s too little discussion as to how students today will fit into the industry

Educators what do you want to tell students?
  • Take up a challenge and push innovative journalism as far as you can
  • Ask questions
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Learn and innovate
  • The future of journalism in your hands

Professionals, what do you want to tell educators and students?
  • There’s a need for freelancers who understand how to tell and sell stories
  • Broaden your horizons, take a challenging course instead of easy one
  • Focus on your worst student instead of best
  • Practice foreign languages
  • Step out of of your comfort zone

Did we miss anything? What did you think were the highlights?


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